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Karthikeyan K, Chief Executive Officer of Hion Studios

Karthikeyan K

Chief Executive Officer
Karthikeyan, our IT expert, is a tech wizard. He strategizes, sets standards, and uses cutting-edge tech to make things happen. From IT plans to marketing strategies, he’s got it all covered!
Rajaganapathy D, Project Manager & Design Head of Hion Studios

Rajaganapathy D

Project Manager & Design Head
Meet Rajaganapathy, the creative genius and project guru at Hion Studios. He’s our Design Head and Project Manager, and his designs aren't just pretty pictures – they solve real problems and get people hooked!
Sanjay D, Business Development Executive of Hion Studios

Sanjay D

Business Development Executive
Sanjay is a dual force - a business development dynamo and a digital marketing aficionado. His wide-ranging expertise in both areas makes him a key player in our team.
Amrish Krishnan, Managing Partner & Strategist of Hion Studios

Amrish Krishnan

Managing Partner & Strategist
Amrish Krishnan, is a business guru and he’s dedicated to helping founders and CEOs succeed. He’s been recognized as the Most Admired Global Indian and is a Young Achiever awardee.
Thirunavukkarasu, Growth Partner & Advisor of Hion Studios


Growth Partner & Advisor
Thirunavukkarasu, our Growth Partner & Advisor at Hion Studios, is a business sage. He's the guiding force behind our growth strategies. His expertise is invaluable, and he's an integral part of our success story.
Mohamed Bhasith, Growth Partner & Advisor of Hion Studios

Mohamed Bhasith

Growth Partner & Advisor
Mohamed Bhasith, our Growth Partner and Advisor at Hion Studios, is a sales virtuoso. He's a master at connecting with customers and driving sales success. His skills are the secret sauce behind our growth.

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